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Anthilia Red

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The fund has a flexible investment style and invests in Euro area companies with significant potential for growth in turnover and margins, and in companies that the fund manager considers undervalued, with turn-around opportunities through industrial or financial restructuring. The methodological approach is discretionary and is based on two strategies, a macro, which indicates the level of exposure of the subfund to the market, and a micro, with which the securities with unexpressed value on which to invest are selected. Selection takes place through fundamental analysis. The subfund is invested in equities and has the ability to hedge through futures to reduce market correlation.


Product info
Inception date 19th August 2008
Product type Equity Flexible UCITS V
Focus Geo/Sector Equity Euro Area
Investment approach Discretionary, absolute return (no benchmark)
Hedging Derivatives
Nav frequency Daily
Risk profile (from 0 to 7) 5
Currency Euro
Domicile Luxembourg
Depositary Bank RBC Investor Services
Paying Agent BNP Paribas
Auditor Ernst&Young
Investment limits
Cash, governative and corporate bonds: max 100%
Equity and convertible bonds: max 100%
Derivatives: max 100%
Equity small and mid cap: max 50%
ETF and Funds: max 10%
Credit derivatives, Covered Warrant and ABS: None
Management and distribution fees:
  Share A - Retail 1.75%
  Share B - Institutional 1.05%
Performance fees: 20% with absolute high watermark
Up front fees: up to 3%
Minimum investment
Share A - Retail None
Share B - Institutional Euro 250,000
Shares - ISIN
Share A - Retail LU0374938990
Share B - Institutional LU0374939022
Bloomberg ticker
Share A - Retail PLAREDA LX
Share B - Institutional PLAREDB LX




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