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Anthilia Small Cap Italia

Product sheet

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Anthilia Small Cap Italia is a fund that aims to capture investment opportunities in Italian Small Caps. Most listed SMEs are not covered by analysts and investors have gradually overlooked the segment. The market now offers attractive entry ratings for companies with very good fundamentals and high growth potential.


Product info
Inception date 3rd April 2017
Product type Equity UCITS V
Focus Geo/Sector Small Cap Equity Italy
Investment approach Discretionary (no benchmark)
Hedging Derivatives
Nav frequency Weekly
Risk profile (from 0 to 7) 6
Currency Euro
Domicile Italy
Depositary Bank BNP Paribas
Paying Agent BNP Paribas
Auditor PWC
Investment limits
Italian companies' equity with market cap < 500mln€: min 80%
European companies' equity: max 20%
Derivatives: max 30%
OICR: max 10%
The investment policy is compliant with the regulations on individual long-term savings plans (PIR)
Management and distribution fees:
  Share A30 - Retail 1.875%
  Share A - Retail 1.75%
  Share B - Institutional 0.70%
  Share C - Institutional 0.50%
Performance fees: 15% with absolute high watermark
Up front fees: up to 3%
Minimum investment
Share A30 - Retail Euro 1,000
Share A - Retail Euro 10,000
Share B - Institutional Euro 1,000,000
Share C - Institutional Euro 5,000,000
Shares - ISIN
Share A30 - Retail IT0005247116
Share A - Retail IT0005247132
Share B - Institutional IT0005247157
Share C - Institutional IT0005247173
Bloomberg ticker
Share A30 - Retail ANTSCI3 IM
Share A - Retail ANTSCIA IM
Share B - Institutional ANTSCIB IM
Share C - Institutional ANTSCIC IM


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