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Anthilia Small Cap Italia

Product sheet

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Anthilia Small Cap adopts a full equity strategy focused on Italian SMEs. The Fund is a qualified investment for Italian long-term individual savings plans (PIR). It invests mainly (at least 70%) in listed shares of Italian companies with market capitalisation up to €1 billion. 30% of the portfolio is invested in shares not included in the FTSE MIB/MID index. Investment in European issuers is limited to 20%. The Fund may invest residually (up to 10%) in UCITS and limited derivatives (up to 30%). The approach is a pure bottom-up analysis based on in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the companies. The target company's managers, product platform and strategy are thoroughly analysed before the investment is made.The Fund's time horizon is no less than 3-5 years.


Product info
Inception date 3rd April 2017
Product type Equity UCITS V
Focus Geo/Sector Small Cap Equity Italy
Investment approach Discretionary (no benchmark)
Hedging Derivatives
Nav frequency Weekly
Risk profile (from 0 to 7) 6
Currency Euro
Domicile Italy
Depositary Bank BNP Paribas
Paying Agent BNP Paribas
Auditor PWC
Investment limits
Italian companies' equity with market cap < 500mln€: min 80%
European companies' equity: max 20%
Derivatives: max 30%
OICR: max 10%
The investment policy is compliant with the regulations on individual long-term savings plans (PIR)
Management and distribution fees:
  Share A30 - Retail 1.875%
  Share A - Retail 1.75%
  Share B - Institutional 0.70%
  Share C - Institutional 0.50%
Performance fees: 15% with absolute high watermark
Up front fees: up to 3%
Minimum investment
Share A30 - Retail Euro 1,000
Share A - Retail Euro 10,000
Share B - Institutional Euro 1,000,000
Share C - Institutional Euro 5,000,000
Shares - ISIN
Share A30 - Retail IT0005247116
Share A - Retail IT0005247132
Share B - Institutional IT0005247157
Share C - Institutional IT0005247173
Bloomberg ticker
Share A30 - Retail ANTSCI3 IM
Share A - Retail ANTSCIA IM
Share B - Institutional ANTSCIB IM
Share C - Institutional ANTSCIC IM


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