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The Fund aims to achieve a gradual and steady growth of invested capital with a time horizon of at least 3 years. Its main focus is based on theEuropean corporate bonds sector with particular bias on financialCompanies: Banks and Insurances. The Fund aims to exploit value selecting the best issuances from each Issuer keeping into account expected return and volatility deriving from risk profile. A number of factors are taken into account to assess prospective risks (Capital solidity,market positioning, product mix and ALM profile. Currency and duration risks can be hedged (totally or partially) according to market conditions.The Sub-fund combines senior and subordinated bond instruments in one flexible solution.


Product info
Inception date 29th June 2012
Product type Bonds, UCITS V
Focus Geo/Sector European bonds
Investment approach Discretionary
Hedging Derivatives
Nav frequency Daily
Risk profile (from 0 to 7) 2
Currency Euro
Domicile Luxembourg
Depositary Bank RBC Investor Services
Paying Agent BNP Paribas
Auditor Ernst&Young
Investment limits
Cash, governative and corporate bonds: max 100%
Equity and convertible bonds: max 20%
Bank Deposits: max 20%
ETF and Funds: max 10%
Bonds not investment grade: max 100%
Coco bonds: max 20%
Credit derivatives: None
Management and distribution fees:
  Share A - Retail 1.25%
  Share B - Institutional 0.70%
Performance fees: 20% with absolute high watermark
Up front fees: up to 3%
Minimum investment
Share A - Retail None
Share B - Institutional Euro 250,000
Shares - ISIN
Share A - Retail LU1377525735
Share B - Institutional LU1377525818
Bloomberg ticker
Share A - Retail PLAYELA LX
Share B - Institutional PLAYELB LX


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