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Anthilia White

Product sheet

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The investment objective of Anthilia White is producing a positive and stable absolute return with low volatility (below 3%) and low correlation with global fixed income and equity markets. The Fund aims to achieve this objective by investing in a globally diversified portfolio comprising: 1.Equity and equity related securities; 2. Fixed income (any type of floating or fixed rate government or investment grade corporate debt security); 3.Short-term deposits and money market instruments; 4. Structured financial instruments listed or traded on one or more Recognised exchanges. Nomore than 10% of net asset value will be invested in such instruments.


Product info
Inception date 24th August 2011 incorporated Plurima Low Volatility, launched 28th January 2008
Product type Flexible low volatility, UCITS V
Focus Geo/Sector European bonds
Investment approach Value, absolute return (no benchmark)
Hedging Derivatives
Nav frequency Daily
Risk profile (from 0 to 7) 2
Currency Euro
Domicile Luxembourg
Depositary Bank RBC Investor Services
Paying Agent BNP Paribas
Auditor Ernst&Young
Investment limits
Cash, gov. bonds and corporate investment grade: max 100%
Equity and convertible bonds: max 100%
ABS: max 10%
ETF and Funds: max 10%
Bonds with rating lower than investment grade: max 10%
Management and distribution fees:
  Share A - Retail 1.00%
  Share B - Institutional 0.65%
  Share C - Institutional 0.40%
Performance fees: 20% with absolute high watermark (Shares A and B) extra EONIA (Share C)
Up front fees: up to 3%
Minimum investment
Share A - Retail None
Share B - Institutional Euro 250,000
Share C - Institutional Euro 5,000,000
Shares - ISIN
Share A - Retail LU0599024402
Share B - Institutional LU0599024584
Share C - Institutional LU0599024741
Bloomberg ticker
Share A - Retail PLANWTA LX
Share B - Institutional PLANWTB LX
Share C - Institutional PLANWTD LX


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